Class Descriptions

**All classes run for a ten-month period culminating with a professionally staged Spring Concert

First Steps (Ages 3-4)

An introduction to dance that incorporates creative movement with an age-appropriate introduction to ballet. Using basic dance concepts, this program develops motor skills, sociability and gives kids a fun, hands-on introduction to the world of dance.


For the beginner student; class meets once a week. Students will learn some of the basic ballet positions, including some stretching, barre work, and center exercises. They begin to learn ballet terminology and teachers will incorporate creative learning methods into the curriculum.


The foundation of all dance forms, ballet takes the student into the world of classical music and teaches discipline, and grace for all dancers. Technique-based training is offered from a young level, teaching correct placement and knowledge of the body as a fine-tuned instrument. We offer a rigorous, graded program beginning with Ballet I. Dancers are advanced through the program by skill attainment and age until level IV when skill becomes the basis for advancement. Additionally we have once weekly classes for beginners of all ages or those wishing to become stronger dancers of other disciplines.

**Please contact the TWDC office (617-524-4381) for assistance with placement for children 7 and older


An original American dance form, tap emphasizes the beat by making sounds with metal taps fastened to the shoes. The focus is on strong technique and musicality, with an emphasis on learning the roots of Tap and the work of such greats as Buster Brown, Honi Coles, Jimmy Slyde, Gregory Hines and more.


A stylized form of American dance using many rhythms to coordinate and strengthen the body. Various styles include musical theater, traditional, funky, and hip hop. We strive to incorporate the styles of such greats as Jack Cole, Matt Mattox, Gus Giordano, Luigi and more. Jammin Jazz for ages 4 – 5. Jazz class is for ages 10 and up.



Contemporary is an artistic form of movement infusing different techniques. These classes will incorporate José Limón Modern technique with Ballet, with combinations set to both popular music as well as percussive tones. With a focus on movements of the core, students will develop a stronger upper body by manipulating their figure from a high level to a low level. Through Contemporary Dance, students will discover unique artistic shapes in choreography as well as quality of movement.


A poetic style of dance with a lovely flowing quality blending ballet & contemporary dance concepts. Using popular music, this dance form connects movement to the lyrics to express a message or emotion through the dancers performance.

Hip Hop

Classes vary in content based on the individual style of the instructors.

Adult Ballet 

Adult Ballet is a multi-level Ballet Technique class, open to those at their first Ballet Class, those who have been dancing for years, and everyone in between.  We will be working on ballet vocabulary and positions, while incorporating work on correct alignment, stretching, and strengthening. The class will utilize work at the barre, in the center, and across the floor.  Learning Ballet has something to offer everyone, no matter your goals.

Adult Jazz

A stress-relieving adult class that begins with a quick warmup, followed by gentle stretching. The focus of the first portion of class will be on strengthening primarily the core and leg muscles. Jazz fundamentals will be introduced and the pace will accelerate in accordance to the class ability. Short combinations set to fun and upbeat music will end the class.

Adult Contemporary Conditioning

This 60 minute class begins with conditioning exercises inspired by Zena Rommet’s floor barre technique. We will work on strengthening the core, improving equilibrium, and increasing flexibility. The second portion of the class will include brief movement phrases inspired by the modern techniques of Limon, Taylor, Hawkins, and Graham, among others. The goal of the class is to find joy and confidence in movement, while refining body awareness and overall fitness.

Mexican Folk Dance

Each of the thirty-one states of Mexico has distinct styles of dance and music, such as polkas and chotises from Chihuahua, jarabes and sones from Jalisco, jarochos and huapangos from Veracruz, and danzas and chilenas from Guerrero. The varieties of dances reflect unique combinations of indigenous, European and African influences. The Mexican folkdance class will explore the rich beauty and diversity of dances, history and costumes of Mexico. Students will learn dances from different regions of Mexico and basic zapateados (footwork). Ages 6 and up.

Flamenco: taught by Sabrina Avilés, Artistic Director “Flamenco Dance Project”

Express yourself through this vibrant Spanish dance. Often accompanied by live flamenco guitar music, students will learn the basic elements of flamenco, including body stance, taconeo (footwork), palmas (hand clapping), and brazeo (arm work). There is also a strong emphasis on learning the challenging rhythms of flamenco. Choreographies are taught in all levels except Absolute Beginners. Levels offered: Absolute Beginners, Advanced Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced.

Visit: Flamenco Dance Project for more information.